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Holiday Hi Met 45 min Class - 2 spaces


Hi Met doesn't mean Hi Impact!

This class is specifically designed for women to help with weight control and strength. By decreasing the duration of exercise and including a range of movements which develop strength we can reduce our risk of osteoporosis, increase our Metabolic rate and increase muscle density which burns more calories, even when resting. The class is suitable for ANYONE to join in, you work at your own level and I can adapt any exercises that may not be right for you at this time.


You won't be leaping about doing star jumps or other things that I don't think help us, you will be encouraged to REST when you want to. The workout is designed to kick start your metabolism with combination exercises which will build muscle. Not huge bulgy ones, just lean muscle which in turn burns calories, improve skin tone and what's more - your metabolic rate stays high for longer after the workout than it does with other types of class.

Bring - a bottle of water and a small towel or facecloth in case you get a bit sweaty.  Oh, and a smile!

Wear - loose comfy workout stuff -the room we are in is quite warm - even with all the windows open, so dress accordingly!

Earlier Event: December 18
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